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$13.00  $11.00

The most recognized domain extension worldwide. The popularity of .COM has 30+ years of history.



$17.00  $14.00

The .ORG domain associate your organization with an established brand name inspires reliability and integrity.



$8.50  $5.50

Reach over 500 million Europeans in more than 30 countries with a domain: .EU.


Domain Specs

  • URL Forwarding

    Available a website from more than one URL addresses.

    DNS Management

    Free dns management from client area, free dns servers.

    Protect Your Privacy

    Protect your ID from hackers and spammers.

  • Email Forward

    Your email can be delivered to different addresses.


    Free DNSSec if you use hour DNS Servers.

    Free Hosting

    Free Hosting until 200mb if you registered your domain with us.


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Registration Domain Transfer DNS Management Whois Privacy
.com $11.00 $11.00 Free Free Register
.org $14.00 $14.00 Free Free Register
.net $12.00 $12.00 Free Free Register
.gr $20.00 $20.00 Free Free Register
.eu $5.50 $5.50 Free Free Register
.biz $8.00 $8.00 Free Free Register
.us $8.00 $8.00 Free Free Register



Private and Secure

  • Keep safe your personal information.

    PROTECTS from identity theft. PREVENT spam-related domain. PREVENTS the domain violation. Spiderhosters provide the service to hide your personal information in the directory WhoIs.

    Keep your domain private and secure!

    When you register a domain in any register, your personal information is entered automatically in a public directory that is often used by attackers to create mailing lists and domain theft. The spiderhosters offers options to protect your privacy by giving your private WhoIs.

  • Keep your domain private and secure!

    The Spiderhosters as leader, hides your personal information in the directory WhoIs, prevents spam-related domain, protects you from unwanted monitoring and harassment, includes a secret email address which can be forwarded to you, be filtered or excluded, prevents accidental loss domain because the credit card has. The certified domain seal (SSL CERTIFICATES) confirms to visitors that you are rightful owner of your site. Locking your domain, preventing any unwanted traffic. You are free to host your site anywhere you like and to transfer your internet domains without restrictions whenever you like! (According to the rules of the register.

Why Choose spiderhosters?

Your personal information is safe with us.

Every Domain Registration has the following included:

  • Free: 50 URL Forwarding
    Free: Subdomains URL Forwarding
    Free: Catch-all URL Forwarding
    Free: Geographic URL Forwarding
    Free: 100 Email Forwarding
    Free: Subdomain Email Forwarding
    Free: Catch-all Email Forwarding
    Free: internet domain name PUSH
    Free: internet domain name parking
    Free: Realtime internet domain name contact/registrant update
    Free: DNS Server list update
    Free: DNS Management

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