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We design and build websites and develops all kinds of applications compatible with the latest internet standards. offer secure and reliable hosting for your site. Wtih the construction of the site we offer you as a gift the host and the domain name.

We also provide consulting services on how to setup your site, viewing and choosing the name. We undertake the complete management of the like and photo-editing. Delivery predetermined time without delays.

Dynamic Websites

The dynamic web pages quickly and easily updated by you through an easy online editor. You can edit any time you like articles, text, pages, upload photos etc. The cost of building a dynamic website is a bit more expensive than a static but charged once. Since updating a static site requires more specialized user and the dynamic you can do it yourself. Request a quote here.

Static Websites

Static websites are the most economical solution for businesses, individuals or professionals who want a stylish design for visibility and does not require constant updating. All static pages built so that there is possibility of future conversion potential. Request a quote here.

CMS E-Shops

The electronic / beats shops offering companies and professionals immediate solution to sell online their products. So you can have services on-line shopping, balance of payments records, etc. Request a quote here.

S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimazition)

The term Web Optimization for Search Engines (SEO) describes the procedures that must be made to the structure and content of a website to be more friendly to search engines. The ultimate goal is a high ranking site and increased traffic of the website through organic results, that Internet users searching on search engines with keywords (keywords) related to the content. Request a quote here.

Graphic Design

The very valuable move that makes a company before it announces its presence to the general public is the corporate identity, we all know as a logo. This involves a series of things that are necessary such as Trademark, Cards, Letterheads, envelopes, folders, Presentation (stationary), etc. Request a quote here.



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