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Web hosting is an online service that allows individuals and companies to have a web continuously posted on the Internet, without having to bear the cost of such equipment (eg servers), or the need servicing a large number of external connections and connection range (bandwidth). This take the web hosting companies like spiderhosters that offer space on their server and part of the network connection. The term Web Hosting refers to the process by which a website owner rents space on computers (servers) to place the files or the emails. These files constituting the site, offered through secure uninterrupted supply to its guests. The management of a site from its owner, may be via a remote connection programs, or by the web browser (browser) through access to a control panel (cpanel), which enables management of emails, files, statistics site traffic, installed applications and available technologies etc. The site owner can upload files through the program (FTP client) on the host server to manage e-mail accounts (email accounts) and install the desired web applications on its website (blog / blog, forum, guest book, etc. ). Whether you are a developer of a personal or family website that you start your application in e-commerce, you can host your website on our .Each project comes with 30 day money back guarantee, and most of them can pay a monthly payment. So there is no risk. Proceed at your own plan today! All our packages come with free installation. No hidden installation tax.


R1 Soft Server Backup Manager


R1Soft Server Backup Manager is a near continuous backup application for Windows and Linux computers, developed by R1Soft.[3] The software provides user scheduled near continuous disk-based online backups for one or more Windows or Linux servers. Each time a user scheduled backup is performed, Delta encoding deltas are transmitted to a backup repository effectively creating a virtual Disk image. Continuous Data Protection can restore previously captured disk images to another disk effectively replicating the structure and contents to a new disk. Individual files inside of a disk image can be restored to their original location or an alternate server. Now you can restore your data, even files or database, from our cpanel r1soft plugin.



  • Fast load time

    Direct response of your webpage on our public server. Best Servers on Market.

    Included Apps

    To Softaculous has helped millions of users to install applications.

    Domains and Emails

    Professional email that matches your domain. Award winning support.

    Great Support

    Best support of the Greek market, available 24x7 from client area.

most popular Plans

Web Hosting Services, with focus on high uptime, speed, safety and extreme support. As your site grows, you can get a larger hosting package and we will help you to upgrade at any time.

Basic Plan

$1.0 / month
  • Disk Usage 1000 Mb
  • Bandwidth 10 Gb
  • FTP Accounts 10
  • POP3/SMTP Mails 10
  • MySQL 10
  • Domain Parking 0
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Basic Plan

$2 / month
  • Disk Usage 3000 Mb
  • Bandwidth 30 Gb
  • FTP accounts 30
  • POP3/SMTP Mails 30
  • MySQL 30
  • Domain Parking 0
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Personal Plan

$3 / month
  • Disk Usage 5G
  • Bandwidth 50 Gb
  • FTP accounts 50
  • POP3/SMTP Mails 50
  • MySQL 50
  • Domain Parking 5
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Silver Plan

$4.0 / month
  • Disk Usage 10G
  • Bandwidth 100 Gb
  • FTP accounts 100
  • POP3/SMTP Mails 100
  • MySQL 100
  • Domain Parking 10
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All Plans Included

Our hosting features are the best on the market. We deliver blazing speeds on our server, money back guarantee, uptime to 99.9%. Use code 20off when your order your hosting, and take advantage of our discount.

Free DNS Hosting

Free dns management from client area and free dns servers. Κ-DNS dns service supports Α / ΑΑΑΑ / CNAME / NS / MX / TXT / SRV DNS entries. 


Free SSL Certificate, on all our cpanel server μας from Lets Encrypt. Instant Activation from your cpanel account.


Softaculous has been used at Web Hosting, and has helped millions of users to install applications with the touch of a button, saving you from unnecessary trouble and time.

Here you get the best of the market. Uptime quarantee 99%
  • Xeon Servers, ECC Ram και Hardware RAID.
  • Automated Daily Backup.

Get now Cheap VPS at reliable Prices.

  • Reliable Servers
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Free 7 Days Trial on Centova
  • 24 x 7 Customer Care
  • 99.9% Up Time Guarantee
  • Daily Data Back Up
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Affiliate Programm


To join the Affiliate Program of spiderhosters, register or connect with the client area.

Commision Fee

Shared hosting 25%, Reseller hosting 25%, WHMSonic streaming and reseller 25%, Video streaming 25%

Earh Instant Money

No need to provide technical support, Spiderhosters supports end users directly.

Register Domain
spiderhosters offers the K-DNS service, advanced DNS hosting service for people whose registrars do not provide DNS hosting with domain registration.
DNS Characteristics
Κ-DNS supports Α / ΑΑΑΑ / CNAME / NS / MX / TXT / SRV DNS entries. You can also provide DNS updates to our cloud powerdns server. Email forwarding / URL address and DynamicDNS also included free.
DNS Service Usage.
Can I use K-DNS service as a backup of my dns? Certainly. The K-DNS works great as a backup for your own DNS servers or DNS of your hosting provider.

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